A sea sun holiday in the heart of nature…
The Baunei coast … 40km of unspoilt nature from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna, with ridges and high limestone cliffs overlooking the sea, interrupted by small fjords, inlets, coves and idyllic bays where time seems to stand still. The beaches are white and the sea is so clear that depths of fine sand can be seen from the surface.
When you leave the pretty harbour of Santa Maria Navarrese by boat you would not suspect that you would soon be catapulted into an almost surreal dimension with an incredible sea and rugged wild mountains.
Your first encounter is with Pedra Longa, an enormous monolith welcoming you with its majesty.
Further ahead through high cliffs and majestic rocks you soon reach Capo Monte Santu and two natural harbours, Portu Pedrosu and Portu Cuau. The transparency is surreal and suddenly Cala Goloritzé appears, a jewel of incomparable beauty on our coast, declared a natural monument. Punta Caroddi, a 150 metres high pinnacle that majestically dominates Cala Goloritzé makes this beach precious and unforgettable as does its natural arch of limestone which stretches along the transparency of water.
But surprises and emotions do not end here. Continuing north we find the beaches of the Gulls, Cala Biriala and Ispuligedenie, also called Mariolu. Their incomparable beauty leaves us breathless.
Continuing with the navigation, we arrive at Cala Sisine which strikes us with the majestic and impressive view of the white sandy beach surrounded by lush vegetation on the sides and behind it. At the end of the exploration, when there seems to be no more room for our wonder, we find Cala Luna, better known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean”. The colour of the water and its amazing caves will carry you into a rough dimension of extreme freedom.
Yet the Baunei – Santa Maria Navarrese territory is not only this, but also a wild hinterland that occasionally overlooks the wonders of the sea. There is a magical symbiosis between the sea and the mountain in Baunei, a close and clashing relationship that relies on contrasts making it unique in its kind. More and more hikers and climbers choose this place not just for having a typical holiday, but one which is full of strong emotions.
The place from where the most widely known paths twist and turn is the Golgo plateau, a place of high naturalistic and archaeological interest. Thanks to the country church of San Pietro, to the Europe’s deepest chasm called Su Sterru, to the nuragic anthropomorphic betile, to the Nuraghes, to the impressive stone mask and other historical-archaeological ruins, Golgo is a treasure trove of natural wonders of the past and of great cultural interest. On foot, on horseback, by car or jeep you can trek along ancient paths through the scents of the Mediterranean. And penetrating through it we find spectacular panoramic views overlooking the sea, you will walk through “codule” carved by water over thousands of years and in woods enjoying a biodiversity that is unique in the Mediterranean.
For lovers of extreme trekking, some itineraries include descents by ropes that will let them experience a unique situation suspended between the sea and the mountains. Above all the famous Wild Blue, “the most difficult trek in Italy”, a journey of several days, which extends for 50 kilometers from Pedra Longa to Cala Fuili through Cala Luna. Another natural attraction in the area is Margine’s zone, where you can find ruins of small old villages with a few “tombs of the giants”, as well as typical nuraghes and folds called “pinnettos” or “Barracus.” You can easily reach Bidonie’s area by car too, from where the path going to the beautiful beach of Cala Luna starts. Going through these unspoilt and wild places you will discover a Sardinia that you did not expect, with images and scents of a land that has always so much to tell.

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